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Wartsila Engines

Wartsila Engines Etc

Год выпуска: 2005
Язык: Engl
Формат: pdf
Размер архива: 22 mb
Diesel (20+26+32+38+46+50+64)
Transverse thrusters



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Wartsila 26

Design philosophy
Wartsila engine designs are based on generations of know-how combined with innovations in response to customer needs.
They are also fully optimized for today’s flexible manufacturing methods.
The WARTSILA® 26 engine offers the following core values:
¦ Easy space-saving installation
¦ Easy to install
¦ High availability
¦ Environmental friendliness
¦ Low operating costs.
The Wartsila 26 was developed in response to a need in the market for a new engine in the 260 mm cylinder bore class. The Wartsila 26 represents the latest technical advances, combining fuel economy and low emission rates with high fuel versatility. The shortest and lowest engine in its class, the Wдrtsilд 26 requires minimum space in the engine room. Wдrtsilд works in close co-operation with its customers when conducting field tests and monitoring selected test components. This has resulted in satisfied customers: the engine has already proven its worth with 2.5 million accumulated running hours, and 431 engines have been manufactured since the new design in 1997. With fewer parts, lower maintenance requirements, low fuel consumption, less emissions, and the ability to run reliably on a variety of fuels, the Wдrtsilд 26 is unquestionably the state-of-the-art in marine propulsion.
Low NOX combustion
IMO NOX Compliance
Any hydrocarbon fuel can be burned provided the fuel temperature is right and there is sufficient oxygen. However, the way it is burned has a great effect on the engine’s thermal efficiency and exhaust emissions,

Wartsila 64
Design Philosophy
The Wartsila 64 is based on the latest achievements in combustion technology; it is designed for flexible manufacturing methods and long maintenance-free operating periods. All the essential ancillaries, precisely sized and matched, are built onto the standard engine and the engine has a thoroughly planned interface to external systems. The main qualities of the Wдrtsilд 64 are:
¦ World’s most powerful medium-speed engine, 2 MW / cylinder
¦ High efficiency combustion with low emissions
¦ High reliability with low maintenance costs, built in experience from Wдrtsilд engines
¦ Compact and integrated design with all ancillaries built on
¦ Designed for easy maintenance.
With the introduction of the Wдrtsilд 64, Wartsila offers the world an outstanding range of power options with minimum size and excellent economy for main propulsion machinery and land-based power plants. Medium speed doesn’t mean medium power! This engine, with a cylinder output of 2000 kW, doubles the output range of Wдrtsilд medium-speed engines and of any other make of engine for that matter.

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