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Guide to Port Entry 2011/2012

Izmail port Izmail port anchorages

IZMAIL: 45 20' N 028 51' E
LOCATION: The sea and river port of Izmail is situated on the left bank of the Kiliiskoe Ghirlo (Kilia mouth) of the Danube River, between the 85th and 94th km. Navigation is year-round. Icing on occasional hard winters is managed through assistance of ice-breaker-type vessels. When proceeding to the port of Izmail, Master shall, well in advance, but at latest 24 hours prior to arrival at the port, advise Port Controller and ships Agency the time of arrival, description and quantity of cargo brought in, location and weights of heavy lifts, if any, number of passengers, ships draft and length, as well as declare services required of the port. 4 hours prior to arrival at the port, Master shall advise more precise time of arrival.
CHARTS: BA Chart No. 2232.
MAX. SIZE: Depth 7.0 m.
RESTRICTIONS: Draft and length of vessels entering the port of Izmail should be the same as for vessels navigating through the Sulina Channel (7.0 m.) or Prorva Canal (3.0 3.5 m.). There are no restrictions for day or night entry to the port. All navigation within the port area is controlled. Zone of regulation begins at the 78th km. up to the 100th km. Masters of the vessels entering the port area should make contact with the Vessels Traffic Management Service and inform them of the name of the vessel, draft and place of destination. The Vessels Movement Control Post will advise the place to anchor. Entry into the port area, shifting and any other movement of the vessel can be arranged with permission of the Vessels Movement Control Post only. No passing allowed within the port area. Permissible speed of movement should not exceed 8 km./hr. while navigating upstream and 12 km./hr. while navigating downstream.
Bridges: No bridges within the port area.
PILOTAGE: All foreign flag vessels coming to or leaving the port of Izmail are allowed to navigate by the Kilia mouth with the port of Izmail Pilot on board only. Masters of the vessels proceeding by the Sulina Channel from seaward shall order Pilots 24 hours in advance and confirm the order 4 hours prior to approaching the Chatal of Izmail, to the Harbour Masters office via ships Agent.
Vessels proceeding by the Prorva Canal from seaward should advise Agent about the time of approaching the Reception Buoy 24 hours prior to arrival. Pilot shall board/disembark vessels at the Reception Buoy of the Prorva Channel (Lat. 45 30' 07" N, Long. 29 46' 04" E) and the Izmail Chatal (116th km. of Kilia mouth of the Danube River).
ANCHORAGES: Ports roads with depths of 10 30 m. are situated in the area of the 78th 96th km. on the left bank of the Kilia mouth. Bottom is oozy.
Vessels can obtain anchorage in the roads between 95.7 96.2 km. 50 m. from the left bank area for port examination of sea and river vessels, 91.2 91.9 km. 100 m. from the left bank area for foreign river barges, 86.7 87.7 km. 100 m. from the left bank area for sea vessels, 80.0 86.7 km. (anchorage areas 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14) for barges and lechters, 79.5 80.0 km. 50 m. from the left bank area for quarantine vessels, 78.5 79.0 km. 50 m. from the left bank area for transit vessels, 78.0 78.5 km. 50 m. from the left bank area for tankers, 79.0 79.5 km. 50 m. from the left bank anchorage prohibited for all vessels.
PRATIQUE: International code quarantine signals are to be shown on arrival and free pratique is given by the quarantine doctor who will board the vessel to examine Masters Health Declaration.
VHF: Radio communication can be established through the Port Radio Station Izmail Radio, some data of which is given below: Safety Channel Channel 16. Despatcher of the Port Channel 13, call sign Izmail Radio-4. Despatcher of the JV UDP Channel 72, call sign Izmail Radio-3. Vessels Movement Control Post Channels 14, call sign Radio-17. Pilot Service Channel 14, call sign Radio-11. Inspection of the Port Control Channel 9, call sign Izmail Radio-2. Central Port Radio Station Channels 16 and 72, call sign Radio-1. Agent for foreign sea and river vessels Channels 16 and 69, call sign Izmail Inflot.
See guidelines for compiling and submitting information (page x) 2915 Steamship Agent AO Udasko Transflot Channel 13, call sign Radio-6. Agent for sea vessels Channels 16 and 22, call sign Izmail Rosmarine. While navigating between 78th and 100th km. of the Kilia mouth, all vessels are to keep watch on Channel 16.
VTS/RADAR: There is no port radar service.
TUGS: Tugs shall be ordered by the Master as directed by the Pilot. According to local Regulations for Safety, berthing and unberthing at the berths of the backwater 90 km., sea-going vessels up to 100 m. in length are to use one tug, and two tugs when the vessels length is more than 100 m. BERTHS: There are 23 berths with total length 8,294 ft. and depth 4.0 7.0 m. There are 10 warehouses with a total area of 6 acres. Open storage areas consist of approximately 45 acres. 15.8 acres dedicated to bulk handling, 11.2 acres dedicated to container handling and 18.0 acres dedicated to general cargo handling. The grain elevator is the property of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
OTHER FACILITIES: There are specialised berths for handling ISO containers. There are no berths for handling liquid chemicals or LPG carriers. There is a Vigan pneumatic unloader which speeds the handling of grain, and a new scheme for lifting railcars with grain cargoes.
TANKER FACILITIES: No tanker berths available.
CRANES: On the quays there are portal cranes of 5 40 tons capacity. There are also floating cranes of 16 tons capacity and other cargo handling equipment and machinery. Mobile cranes of up to 25 tons capacity available.
STEVEDORES: The port works round-the-clock, including holidays. Usual ETA advice required.
Hatches: According to the customs of the port opening and closing of hatches is usually by ships crew but it can also be done by stevedores if requested by Master in advance.
MEDICAL: No advance notice except in case of serious illness. Hospital and dental facilities are available. FRESH WATER: Fresh water can be supplied from the quays or delivered by barges
FUEL: Bunkers available. Prior notice to ships Agent required.
REPAIRS: Hull and machine repairs can be effected.
POLICE/AMBULANCE/FIRE: Police, Tel: 90316. Ambulance, Tel: 90600. Fire, Tel: 90524.
SECURITY/GANGWAY: Gangway watchmen compulsory, carried out by ships crew. Ships gangway used.
TIME: GMT plus 2 hours. GMT plus 3 hours in summer.
HOLIDAYS: New Years Day (1 January); 7 January; International Womens Day (8 March); Easter; Days of International Workers Solidarity (1 and 2 May); World War II Victory Day (9 May); 2 June (Trinity); 24 August (Independence Day); 7 8 November (the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution); Christmas Day.
WEATHER/TIDES: Tidal Range: Changes of water level in the river are due to effects of the wind and seasonal increase and decrease of the amount of water brought down from the shore. In winter; rise of water level is due to the ice piling up. Max. range of the water level is about 3.0 4.0 m. Max. rise of water level is in April, May and June, usually caused by easterly winds. The least water level is observed in August, September and October, due to westerly winds.
NEAREST AIRPORT: Domestic airport. Odessa International Airport, 215 km.
CUSTOMS: No restrictions on crew consumption of tobacco and alcohol on board. It is prohibited to take these items ashore.
SHORE LEAVE: Allowed up to midnight.
REPATRIATION: Can be arranged.
IDENTIFICATION CARDS: Required for crew members going ashore.
AUTHORITY: Izmail Merchant Sea Port, 7 Portovaya Street, 68600 Izmail, Odessa Region, Ukraine. Tel: +380 (4841) 25601. FAX: +380 (4841) 25469. Telex: 232286 PORT UX. Cables: Morport Izmail. Contact: Valentin Kotelniy, Director General
Crewing Agent: Euro Star Ltd, 17 Spartakovsky lane, Kherson, Ukraine.
Tel: +380 (552) 42-21-31 Mob: +380 (50)879-39-86
Web: Email:


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