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Guide to Port Entry 2011/2012
Evpatoria port

Evpatoria port
EVPATORIA (Yevpatoria): 45 11' N 033 23' E
OVERVIEW: Yevpatoria Merchant Sea Port is a state enterprise administered by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine. The port handles passengers, Ro-Ro, and general cargo. Bulk sand is handled in the port area of Point Donuzlav. The port is navigable year-round.
LOCATION: In the Black Sea, west coast of the Crimean Peninsula, 135 n.m. SE of Odessa. Located on the north shore of Kalamit Gulf in Yevpatoria Bay.
CHARTS: BA Chart No. 2232.
PORT LIMITS: Water area bound by the arc of a circle with radius 2.0 n.m. centred on Lightbuoy No. 2 and by the coastline.
DOCUMENTS: Required on arrival:
2 Arms and Ammunition Lists
Bills of Lading
2 Cargo Manifests
Cargo Documents
10 Crew Lists
2 Crews Effects Declarations
5 General Declarations
1 Maritime Declaration of Health
1 International Tonnage Certificate
2 Narcotics Lists
10 Passenger Lists
1 Pollution Liability Certificate
1 Registry Certificate
1 Safe Manning Certificate
1 Ship Safety Equipment Certificate
1 Ship Safety Radio Certificate
1 Ship Sanitation Control (Exemption) Certificate
2 Stores Declarations
Masters and Officers Certificates of Competency, and Seamans Books of crew are sighted.
Clearance of vessels inward and outward formalities are performed on board by the Duty Port Control Master.
ISPS COMPLIANCE: Port is compliant.
MAX. SIZE: Dry Cargo: LOA 140 m., draft 5.0 m.
Passengers: LOA 140 m., draft 5.0 m.
RESTRICTIONS: When wind speed from a southern direction is more than 9.0 m./sec., vessels in the roads may be delayed berthing. Any ship movement within port limits without permission of the Duty Port Control Master is prohibited. Ships speed in port waters and at Anchorage No. 382 must be kept to the minimum necessary for maintaining full control of the vessel. In cases when visibility is less than 1.0 n.m. in harbour waters or at Anchorage No. 382, one-way ship traffic is implemented.
APPROACHES: The port has an open roadstead that covers the area of Evpatoriyskaya Bay. Depths in the roads are up to 10.0 m.
PILOTAGE: Compulsory for vessels over 200 g.t. Pilot boarding/disembarkation location is near the Reception Buoy in the vicinity of Karantinniy Cape. Pilot requires 12 hours notice. Pilot station monitors VHF Channels 16 and 14.
ANCHORAGES: Anchorage No. 382 is situated 1.1 n.m. SE of Karantinniy Cape. Available depths are 10.0 12.4 m. Ground is sand and shells. Anchorage for vessels awaiting Pilot in position Lat. 45 10.0' N, Long. 033 23' E.
PRATIQUE: Sanitary Quarantine Control. Tel: +380 (6569) 62039. Phytosanitary Control. Tel: +380 (6569) 32214. PRE-ARRIVAL INFORMATION: Agents and authorities should be kept well informed of vessels ETA and notice given at least 24 hours prior to arrival.
VHF: Port Control, call sign Evpatoriya Port Control, listens on VHF Channel 16. Pilots, call sign Calmar-2, listen on VHF Channel 16 and work on VHF Channel 14.
VTS/RADAR: No shore based radar stations available. TUGS: Two tugs (11,200 h.p. and 1700 h.p.). Number of tugs depends on g.t. For vessels up to 500 g.t., one tug is required, and for vessels over 500 g.t., two tugs are required. Request for tugs must be made at least 2 hours in advance.
BERTHS: Four berths are available in the port. Three berths for passenger/Ro-Ro vessels (No. 2, 3 and 4), and one berth for cargo vessels (No. 5). The total length of berthing line is 938.7 m., including 438 m. for passenger vessels.
Also see Bulk Facilities.
BULK FACILITIES: Point Donuzlav: Located approx. 35 km. NW of Evpatoria. 150 m. long berth, depth up to 6.0 m. Handles approx. 600,000 tons of sand per year, at a rate of approx. 11,200 tons per day. Equipment includes 15/6, 116/20/32, 110/20 and 220 ton cranes, and 2 bulldozers. 12,000 sq.m. open storage area, capacity 50,000 tons. Handling area operates throughout 24 hours.
CRANES: Port is equipped with 23 ton Caterpillar cranes and 25 ton cranes for handling general, bulk cargo, steel products, etc.
CARGO HANDLING FACILITIES: 23,500 sq.m. open storage, capacity for over 10,000 tons, and 200 sq.m. covered warehouse, capacity 700 cu.m. 4 x 5 ton forklifts, 2 bulldozers, Liebherr excavator with bucket capacity 0.8 cu.m.
Also see Bulk Facilities.
WASTE DISPOSAL: Dry garbage collected into shore based containers.
MEDICAL: Medical assistance rendered immediately when required. Hospital facilities available.
FRESH WATER: Available.
DRY DOCK: See Sevastopol and Odessa.
REPAIRS: No major facilities at port. Mobile repair companies available. No berths dedicated for repair work.
POLICE/AMBULANCE/FIRE: Police Tel: 102. Fire Tel: 101. Ambulance Tel: 103.
SECURITY/GANGWAY: Compulsory. Provided by ships crew.
TELEPHONES: Mobile telephone coverage provided, GSM 900/1800 (2010).
NEAREST AIRPORT: Simferopol International Airport, 60 km.
CONNECTIONS: The port is within easy reach of a number of European routes and national motorways. European route E105 passes through Semferopol, approx. 65 km. from Evpatoria. It is a series of national roads that starts from Kirkenes, Norway and runs along Russian routes M18, M10 and M2 and Ukrainian route M18 to Yalta, Ukraine. Regular domestic and regional international air services available from Simferopol Airport (SIP). Onward connections available through Kiev.
BANKS: National banks with ATM facilities available.
REPATRIATION: Facilities exist for changes of crews and repatriation. Evpatoria UKRAINE
See guidelines for compiling and submitting information (page x) 2913
IDENTIFICATION CARDS: Required. Shore passes issued.
AUTHORITY: Yevpatoria Sea Port, Moryakov Sq.1, 97416 Yevpatoria,
Ukraine. Tel: +380 (6569) 32106. Fax: +380 (6569) 62241. Contact: Pavel Chipizubov, General Director. Email:
AGENT: Head Office: Black Sea General Shipping Agency Inflot, 1 Tamozhennaya Square, 65026 Odessa, Ukraine. Tel: +380 (48) 722 3902. Fax: +380 (48) 729 3209. Email: Web: Regional Office: Sevastopol Shipping Agency Inflot, Suite 1, 5 Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 99005 Sebastopol, Crimea, Ukraine. Tel: +380 (692) 548971. Fax: +380 (692) 544411. Telex: (680) 197340 INFLOT JX. Email: Web:
Crewing Agent: Euro Star Ltd, 17 Spartakovsky lane, Kherson, Ukraine.
Tel: +380 (552) 42-21-31 Mob: +380 (50)879-39-86
Web: Email:

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