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Guide to Port Entry 2011/2012
Chernomorsk port

Chernomorsk port
CHERNOMORSK: 45 30' N 032 40' E
LOCATION: Chernomorsk is a sea port, situated on the coast of Yarylgach Bay of the Black Sea, on the NW part of Crimea Peninsula, safe and well protected against rough seas. Vessels should proceed to the port through the 980 m. long channel. Depth in the channel is 9.0 m. Navigation in the port is all year round.
CHARTS: BA Chart No. 2232.
MAX. SIZE: 10,000 d.w.t., LOA 180 m., beam 50.0 m. and draft 5.5 m.
RESTRICTIONS: Vessels to proceed through the channel only with Harbour Master’s permission. Entry into the port is allowed for vessels with draft up to 6.0 m. and maximum height (from water level) of 20 m. Vessels should proceed through the channel at a speed of not more than 3 knots.
APPROACHES: The approach channel is 100 m. wide.
PILOTAGE: Compulsory for all vessels of or over 100 g.r.t. Pilotage effected at daytime only. Embarkation and disembarkation of the pilot is performed near the Reception Buoy of approach channel.
ANCHORAGES: Anchorage with depths up to 14.0 m. is available within the outer port roadstead and marked by Anchorage Light Buoy (Lat. 45 34' 12" N, Long. 32 48' 42" E). The holding ground is good.
PRE-ARRIVAL INFORMATION: Communication is effected through the port radio station ‘‘UJB-2’’: Call Sign Frequency (kHz) Time of Work ‘‘Yarylgach 92’’ VHF Channel 6 H24 Tel: +380 (6558) 91390. Fax: +380 (6558) 91849. Teletype: 187755 Yakor. Telex: 187125 PTB SU.
Pre-Arrival Information: When approaching the port of Chernomorsk, Masters should advise, with 48 hours notice, the Harbour Master of ETA, draft, maximum height of vessel in ballast (from water level to the top of the mast), type and quantity of cargo, services required by the vessel. 12 hours prior to arrival, a more precise ETA notice is required. Ukrainian vessels should not later than 24 hours prior to arrival advise the Harbour Master of ETA, and 4 hours prior to arrival more precise ETA. VHF: See ‘‘Pre-Arrival Information’’.
TUGS: If necessary tugs can be ordered by the Master after consulting with pilot. The tugs are compulsory for the vessels with drafts of more 5.5 m. Tugs with power of 150 h.p. and 1,600 h.p. are available. BERTHS: The port has five berths total length 1,755 m. and depth alongside 5.5 – 6.5 m. The berths are equipped to handle timber, containers, general and other cargoes. Open storage and a floating crane of 100 tons lifting capacity are available.
CRANES: The port has floating cranes 25 – 125 tons.
FRESH WATER: Available from tug.
FUEL: Bunkering is not guaranteed.
DRY DOCK: Floating dock of 5,000 tons capacity available.
REPAIRS: Only minor repairs may be effected. Underwater surveys could be performed.
NEAREST AIRPORT: Mykolaiv Domestic Airport, 190 km.
GENERAL: Transport: The port is linked with the towns of Sympheropol, Sevastopol and Yevpatoria by bus, provided with main road of 37 miles as far as Yevpatoria. Nearest major sea ports: Sevastopol 90 miles, Odessa 100 miles.
AUTHORITY: The Port of Chernomorsk Authority, Chernomorsk, Chernomorskoe 334360, Crimea, Ukraine.
Crewing Agent: Euro Star Ltd, 17 Spartakovsky lane, Kherson, Ukraine.
Tel: +380 (552) 42-21-31 Mob: +380 (50)879-39-86
Web: Email:
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