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Guide to Port Entry 2011/2012
Berdyansk port

Berdyansk port

BERDYANSK: 46 45' N 036 47' E
OVERVIEW: Port handles general cargo, bulk, ores and minerals, scrap iron and has limited facilities for tankers.
LOCATION: On the eastern coast of Ukraine on the NE coast of Berdyansk Bay on the NW of the Sea of Azov.
CHARTS: BA Charts No. 2216, 2233, 2234, 2242 and 3302.
PORT LIMITS: The port waters consist of Berdyansk Harbour, outer roads and approach channel. The outer roads are situated on both sides of the approach channel close to the Pilots buoy in position Lat. 46 37' N, Long. 036 36' E.
3 Bonded Stores Lists
2 Cargo Declarations
2 Crew Effects Declarations
8 Crew Lists
2 Currency Lists
5 General Declarations
1 Maritime Declaration of Health
1 Masters Declaration (arrival at a commercial port of Ukraine)*
2 Medicine Lists (all medicines on board)
2 Narcotics Lists (all on board)
3 Provisions Lists
4 Stores Lists.
* Issued by the Agent and completed while conducting inward clearance formalities.
For discharging vessels also: Manifests, Bills of Lading and Cargo Plan. For all vessels, necessary to have all Ships Papers and Ships Certificates. Also see Agents Report dated February 2002.
ISPS COMPLIANCE: Port is compliant.
PFSO: ISPS Watch Office. Tel: +380 (6153) 62362. Email:
MAX. SIZE: LOA 205 m., draft 7.9 m., if max. draft then even-keel. With the Harbour Masters permission, vessels with LOA 220 m. may be allowed to berth at Piers No. 7 and 8. Also see Agents Report dated February 2002.
DENSITY: Approximately 1008.
RESTRICTIONS: Vessels over LOA 170 m. can enter, leave and shift berth when the wind speed is less than 8 m./sec. The possibility of manoeuvring such ships when wind speed is over 8 m./sec. is determined by the Pilot. Also see Pratique.
Bridges: None.
ARRIVAL: Vessels are to anchor at the order of Port Control for inspection.
APPROACHES: Inner roads and port facilities are protected from southern and SE winds by a mole and a breakwater. Navigation in the port is all year round, but in winter ice-breaker assistance is necessary for approximately two months. Vessels should proceed to the harbour through the approach channel, 11 n.m. long and with a least depth of 8.2 m.
PILOTAGE: Compulsory in Azov Sea. Kerch Pilot meets vessel near the entrance to the Kerch Strait and takes vessel to Berdyansk. Berdyansk Pilot meets vessels with draft 6.0 m. or more at Reception Buoy No. 2 (Lat. 46 36.73' N, Long. 036 36.04' E), and vessels with draft less than 6.0 m. at Reception Buoy No. 10 (Lat. 46 40.00' N, Long. 036 40.11' E). Telegraphic address of pilot station is Harbour Master Berdyansk. Vessels bound for Berdyansk should contact the Agent at least 24 hours prior to vessels ETA for entering the Kerch Channel, after which the Agent arranges pilotage through the Channel. For contacting pilot station use VHF Channel 16. Pilot boat has a white hull with black writing on her side Tchubar. Vessels wait for the Pilot at the outer road anchorage unless alternative instructions are received from the pilot station.
ANCHORAGES: Vessels may obtain good anchorage with depths up to 7.90 m. in the port of Berdyansk outer roads situated on both sides of the approach channel leading into the harbour. The outer roads are well protected from northerly winds, but during southerly and SW winds the anchorage is troublesome. At time of strong SW swell, ships in the outer roads are usually affected by heavy pitching and rolling, and plenty of cable should be paid out on both anchors. Holding ground in outer roads is shell and mud.
PRATIQUE: To obtain pratique one Maritime Declaration of Health is required. In the event of any disease or fever contact Agent. Vessels not equipped with special collecting tank for sewage with standard international connection on the upper deck, are prohibited entry into Ukrainian ports.
PRE-ARRIVAL INFORMATION: 96 hours, then 12 hours and 2 hours prior to arrival at the port, Masters should advise the Port Administration via the local Agent, time of arrival and the maximum draft of a vessel. Not later than 2 hours prior to approaching Reception Buoy No. 2, placed at the beginning of the approach channel, Masters should update their ETA to the Harbour Masters Office on VHF Channel 16. VHF: Vessels should establish radio contact through Berdyansk Radio Port Radio Station operating throughout 24 hours on Channel 16. Working channel is Channel 12.
VTS/RADAR: There is no port radar service in Berdyansk. TUGS: Join vessels abeam of breakwater. Vessels lines usually used. No extra charge for tug lines. Vessels under 1,500 g.t. require one tug and vessels over 1,500 g.t. require two tugs. Also see Agents Report dated February 2002.
BERTHS: Berth Length Draft Depth Remarks
No. (m.) (m.) (m.)
1 2 374 7.9 General cargo
3 4 281 7.9 Bulk, ores and minerals
5 217 7.9 7.9 Scrap iron
6 132 7.9 Oil
7 8 354 7.9 Grain
9 147 5.2 Loading/discharging by shore equipment
BULK FACILITIES: Grain terminal located at Berth No. 6. Throughput capacity 4,000 tons/day. Facilities include six modular type warehouse units each of 3,000 tons.
CONTAINER FACILITIES: Port handles containers at Berth No.1. Two Sokol 16/20/32 ton capacity cranes, one Kondor 32/40 ton capacity crane, total capacity 18,000 tons. Port provides additional services for stuffing containers.
Also see Developments.
TANKER FACILITIES: Berth No. 7 handles various grades of MGOand diesel. Depending on cargo and vessel, the berth can handle 3,000 5,000 tonnes/day. Berth No. 6 is used to handle vegetable oils. Daily throughput capacity 4,000 tons. Two storage tanks 2,000 ton capacity each and one 5,000 ton capacity. Loading rate 255 t.p.h.
CRANES: All quays are equipped with electric cranes.
Berth No. 1: Sokol 32 ton, Kondor 40 ton, Gans 6 ton.
Berth No. 2: Sokol 32 ton, Albatros 20 ton.
Berths No. 3 5: Albatros 20 ton (each).
Berths No. 7 8: Sokol cranes.
Berth No. 9: Albatros crane.
STEVEDORES: Provided by the port of Berdyansk. Tel: +380 (6153) 62565 (Manager).
Also see Agents Report dated February 2002.
Cargo Gear: There are cargo handling equipment and intraport transport facilities. No heavy lift crane.
BALLAST: A double change of ballast is required prior to arrival in the Sea of Azov. Ballast changes must be recorded in the Official Log Book. Discharge of ballast only permitted after permission from Berdyansk Ecological Authorities.
WASTE DISPOSAL: Special metallic containers are installed on the pier alongside the ship by ports garbage service, and exchanged when full by the same service. To reserve garbage disposal, Master should send information by radio to the Agent, simultaneously with arrival information. SLOPS DISPOSAL: Waste and bilge water is collected by the Port Authoritys special vessel which can collect separately 340 tonnes of oily mixture waters and 86 tonnes sewage without additional charge. For discharging sewage, only hoses from the special vessel should be used. Strictly prohibited to mix oily waters with sewage. To reserve the special vessel/launch, radio message should be sent before arriving to the Agent. Before leaving port, all vessels must discharge all sewage into the special vessel.
Also see Pratique.
MEDICAL: Medical attendance possible. All members of the crew must have sanitary (yellow) book indicating vaccinations, fever, etc. One hospital available.
FRESH WATER: Supplied at berths by tank truck.
FUEL: Available in limited quantities. Supplied by special tanker or tank truck.
STORING: See Storing on page xiv.
1. Barge or truck.
2. Vessels can be stored by barges during cargo operations.
3. Trucks can proceed alongside at the berth.
4. Forklift trucks can be used.
5. Storing under Customs permission and control.
6. Local riggers can be employed.
DRY DOCK: See Novorossiysk.
REPAIRS: Only minor hull and machine repairs.
SURVEYORS: Inspection of the Registry of the Ukraine Branch Office. Tel: +380 (6153) 62452. Independent surveyors available for draft survey and checking quantity of bunkers onboard. Ships Agent can act as correspondent for SGS in the port. POLICE/AMBULANCE/FIRE: Police Tel: 02. Ambulance Tel: 03. Fire Tel: 01.
EMERGENCY RESPONSE CENTRE: Contact Harbour Masters Office. Tel: +380 (6153) 62731, 62449, 36303. VHF Channel 16. SECURITY/GANGWAY: Not compulsory or necessary.
TIME: GMT plus 2 hours October to April. GMT plus 3 hours April to October.
HOLIDAYS: 1 January (New Years Day); 7 January (Christmas); 8 March (International Womans Day); Easter; 1 and 2 May (Solidarity Days); 9 May (Victory Day); 28 June (Constitution Day); 24 August (Independence Day). Cargo work can be arranged on above days.
CONSULS: Nearest consuls in Mariupol.
TELEPHONES: Not possible to place telephones on board.
NEAREST AIRPORT: Berdyansk Domestic Airport, 15 km. Mariupol Airport, 90 km.
BANKS: State banks and commercial banks. For information contact the Agent.
CUSTOMS: One litre spirits, one litre wine and 200 cigarettes per crew member.
SHORE LEAVE: After clearing inwards, crew members are allowed to go ashore without special permission.
IDENTIFICATION CARDS: Not required. Only seamans passport.
SEAMANS CLUBS: There is a Seamens Club at the port at 1 Frunze Street, 71112 Berdyansk, Ukraine. Tel: +380 (6153) 62543. Facilities: No international telephone, church service or postage facilities are available at Seamens Club. All other services are possible.
DEVELOPMENTS: The building of a container complex is under way at Berth No. 10. It includes:
 berth length 230 m., depth 9.0 m.
 machinated areas for containers storing capacity 2,200 TEUs
 outdoor storehouse 8,530 sq.m.
 indoor storehouse 720 sq.m.
 storehouse capacity 10,000 ton
 accumulated areas and areas for transit cargoes.
Total annual capacity of the terminal is expected to be 60,000 TEUs.
AGENTS REPORT: February 2002
Pre-Arrival Documents: Master should forward the following information to the Agent prior to entry into the Sea of Azov:
1. Number of crew members/nationality/condition of health
2. Type and total quantity of cargo on board
3. Ballast water on board (quantity and discharge requirement at port)
4. Capacity of sewage tank and quantity on arrival
5. Vessels max. summer/arrival/departure drafts
6. Ships national flag/d.w.t./g.t./n.t.
7. Ships LOA/LBP/beam/moulded depth/call sign
8. Preliminary Stowage Plan (max. draft at Berdyansk 7.9 m./density 1006.5 1007)
9. Vessels Port of Registry/registered number/date of issue
10. Vessels primary owner
11. Last port of call/last cargo
12. IMO number
13. Last Ports of Call List (for last 30 days)
14. Masters name.
Documents Required on Arrival: The Master should prepare the following documents for inward clearance:
3 Bonded Stores Lists
2 Cargo Declarations
UKRAINE Berdyansk
2910 Readers are encouraged to send updates and additions (page x)
2 Crew Effects Declarations
8 Crew Lists
2 Currency Lists
5 General Declarations
Last Ports of Call List (last 30 days, including date of sailing)
1 Maritime Declaration of Health
2 Medicine Lists (declare all ships and private medicine to Berdyansk Customs)
2 Narcotics Lists
Nil Declaration List.
5 Notices of Arrival
3 Provisions Lists.
The following vessels certificates are required to be presented to the Port
Authority on arrival:
Derat Exemption Certificate
Garbage Certificate
IOPP Certificate
Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate
Tonnage Certificate.
Requirements Prior to Entering the Sea of Azov: The Master must pay special attention to the following:
1. It is forbidden to release garbage and sewage water into the sea. All waste has to be retained on board in garbage containers and sewage tanks.
2. Prior to entering territorial waters, all overboard valves, where it is possible for harmful substances to pass/leak through, should be closed and sealed and record of this operation to be entered in the ships official log book.
3. The Master, prior to entering the Sea of Azov, is required to carry out two changes of ballast water and record the operations in the ships official Log Book.
4. It is only possible to discharge ballast water within the port limits once the Port Authority has verified, by analysis, that it is safe to do so.
5. The discharge of any waste water within the port area is forbidden.
6. Waste water is collected by the Port Authority waste water barge. Requirements on Arrival: Vessel must provide international connections for discharging sewage water to the Port Authoritys barge. Berthing: The port has nine berths with max. draft of 7.9 m. at Berths No. 1 8, and max. draft 5.35 m. at Berth No. 9. The max. draft in the Berdyansk Canal is 7.9 m.
No limit for air draft.
Cargo Handling Information: Berths No. 2, 5 and 9 have grain and fertiliser silos.
Working Hours: The port works throughout 24 hours, 7 days a week, including holidays.
Tugs and Mooring Gangs: Overtime surcharges are applied by the port for tugs, mooring gangs and pilotage services.
The following charges are applied:
Working days 2200 0600 hrs. Surcharge 25%
Weekend/holidays 2200 0600 hrs. Surcharge 100%
0600 2200 hrs. Surcharge 50%
AUTHORITY: Berdyansk Port, 13/7 Maxim Gorky Street, 71112 Berdyansk, Zaporozhie Province, Ukraine. Tel: +380 (6153) 62571. Fax: +380 (6153) 62572. Email: Web: Contact: V Pikiner, Director. Sergey Levchenko, Harbour Master. Email:
AGENT: Uniship, 7 Gorkogo Street, 71112 Berdyansk, Zaporozhye Region, Ukraine. Tel: +380 (6153) 72080, 71511. Fax: +380 (6153) 70548. Email:
Crewing Agent: Euro Star Ltd, 17 Spartakovsky lane, Kherson, Ukraine.
Tel: +380 (552) 42-21-31 Mob: +380 (50)879-39-86
Web: Email:


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