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Maritime education in Ukraine

Kherson Maritime College with the profound studying of English is one of the oldest marine educational institutions in Ukraine, founded in 1834. From 1996 College is the branch of Odessa State marine academy and works according to academy's educational plans and programs. It has all necessary licenses to prepare marine specialists on the level of junior specialists and bachelors with the profound knowledge of English according to such directions and specialties as:

Navigation and power of ships:
- navigation;
- exploitation of ships' energetical installations;

Electro engineering:
- exploitation of electrical equipment and automatics of ships;
- electrical system and complexes of transport means.
Education takes place according to requirements of International Convention STCW'-78/95г., and other international and state documents, which regulate the training of seafarers. After graduation from the College graduates, having the necessary navigational qualification, get corresponding licenses:
- Short Voyage Navigator;
- Third Class Engineer;
- Third Class Electroengineer;

Qualified teachers, who have corresponding marine education and experience of working on sea fleet vessels, lead educational process. Many of them have science degree and class and are the authors of books and manuals. There is all the necessary up to date training equipment in the labs and studies of the College, models of electrical and radio navigational equipment, of vessels' diesels and additional mechanisms. Up to date computers, different types of training machines and other technical means of education and knowledge diagnosis are used. During the process of education cadets have navigational practice according to requirements of International Convention STCW' and national statements of seamen' graduation. Among the tasks of navigational practice there are the following:
- strengthening and extension of theoretical knowledge got in the College;
- getting the necessary skills of practical activity according to speciality;
- getting the work profession.

The life and education of cadets in College as in the closed marine institution is regulated by the definite regime according to special normative documents:
- statute of the College;
- thesis about marine college;
- rules of the inner regulations;

Conditions discussed in these documents let the education of cadets approximate the future production activity on vessels.

Odessa State Maritime Academy (OSMA) :
8, Didrikhsona, 65029, Odessa, Ukraine
T: 380 48 732-49-82
F: 380 482 34-52-67

which has the following faculties:

  • faculty of ships' navigators: graduates-deck officers (officers);
  • faculty of ships' engineers: graduates-marine engineers (engineers);
  • electroengineers' faculty: graduates electroengineers (electricians);
  • radiotechnical faculty: graduates-radio officers.

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