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Vessels Name: VALOPOULA
Type of vessel: Bulk Carrier
Flag: Bahamas
Vessels Call Sign : C6XE8
IMO No : 9198393
Port of registry and registry no.: Nassau - 8001528
Shipyard/year and month the vessel was built:
Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (Cebu) Inc. / 8TH MAY 2000
LOA (mtrs): 185.74
Beam (mtrs): 30.40
Depth moulded (mtrs): 16.50
International GRT/NRT: 26,010 / 14,834
Suez Canal GRT/NRT: 26858.03 / 23834.77
Panama Canal GRT/NRT: --- / 21632
Summer Dwat (mts) on max. summer draft (mtrs): 45,578 / 11.620
Winter Dwat (mts) on max. Winter draft (mtrs): 44,374 / 11.378
Summer TPC : 49.8
Winter TPC : 49.6

Bale / Grain (cubic breakdown of all compartments in cbm):
Bale Capa. Grain Capa.
H-1 10,015.1 M3 10,361.6 M3
H-2 11,844.6 M3 12,199.4 M3
H-3 11,392.0 M3 11,731.1 M3
H-4 11,814.0 M3 12,193.8 M3
H-5 10,499.2 M3 10,722.5 M3
TTL 55,564.9 M3 57,208.4 M3

Number of holds, including dimensions: 5 Holds (all "about" in meter)
Tank Top Dimensions (Height from tanktop to
(Length/Width) bottom of topside tank)
H-1 27.2 x (F)11.2 x (A)24.0 10.03 / 12.80
H-2 27.2 x (F)24.0 x (A)24.0 10.03
H-3 27.3 x (F)24.0 x (A)24.0 10.03
H-4 27.2 x (F)24.0 x (A)24.0 10.03
H-5 27.2 x (F)24.0 x (A) 9.6 10.03 / 10.40

Number of hatches, including dimensions: 5 Hatches (all "about" in meter)
H-1 20.00 x 15.30
H-2 20.80 x 15.30
H-3 20.80 x 15.30
H-4 20.80 x 15.30
H-5 20.80 x 15.30

Type of Hatch Covers: End folding type weather-tight steel hcover

Strength on tanktop per sqm (Homo.):
Holds 1 - 5 : 13.73 MT/M2

Alternative loading : Yes (Holds 2 and 4 may be empty)
Holds 1 = 22.09 mt/m2
3 = 21.94 mt/m2
5 = 22.09 mt/m2

Strength of main deck per sqm : 3.45 MT/M2 (except between holds).
Strength on Hatch Covers per sqm: 2.50 MT/M2
Vessel's hatches are fitted with cement holes of 700 mm diameter
Number/Capacity and type of Cranes:
30LT x 4 sets of Electro-Hydraulic drive, single deck crane

- Hoisting speed at full work load - half work load - no work
load: about 18.5m/24m/50m per min.

- Slewing speed at full work load - half work load - no work load: about
0.55 r.p.m.

- Topping speed at full work load - half work load - no work
load: about 46 sec.

- Max Cranes Outreach :8.50m

Location of Cranes : No.1 crane : between hatch no.1 + 2
No.2 crane : between hatch no.2 + 3
No.3 crane : between hatch no.3 + 4
No.4 crane : between hatch no.4 + 5

No more than one (1) crane to work simultaneously in one (1) hatch.
Grabs on board and Capacity: YES, 4units x 10cbm / Radio Remote Control
Grabs clamshell type. However vessel's grabs' use with fine powder
cargoes to be at Charterers' time, cost and responsibility.

Distance from waterline to top of hatch coaming:
aa) in heavy ballast condition: About 10.60m(fwd) + 10.00m(aft)
bb) in light ballast condition: About 14.00m(fwd) + 12.00m(aft)

Distance from waterline to highest point
aa) in heavy ballast condition: about 38.00m
bb) in light ballast condition: about 40.00m
cc) in laden condition: about 35.00m

Distance from tanktop to underside of closed hatch covers: about 18.55m
Distance from tanktop to underside weatherdeck: about 14.69m
Distance from top of hopper to underside weatherdeck: about 11.49m
Distance from top of hopper to bottom of wing tanks: about 6.826m
Distance from ship's rail to inside of hatch coaming: about 7.550m
Distance from deck to underside of crane pedestal: about 7.850m
Distance from deck to top of hatch cover: about 2.285m

Vessels full tank capacity 100%:
IFO : 1,703.8 M3
MDO/MGO : 86.6 M3
Fresh water : 390 M/T

Constants excluding freshwater: 400 M/T
Freshwater evaporator: YES / Daily production in mts: about 12 M/T per
day under navigation
Vessel's holds are free of obstructions
Vessel is suitable for grab discharge
The vessel is grain fitted YES
Is the vessel CO2 fitted: NO
Suez/Panama Canal fitted : YES
Hold ventilation: Natural
Ice class/strengthened: NO
Australian hold ladders : YES
ITF fitted : YES

At sea:
Laden abt 27.5 MT / abt 13.5 Knts
Ballast abt 27 MT / abt 14 Knts

Port Consumption:
Gear working IFO 4,0mt + 0.5 MDO abt
Idle (one gen) no gear working IFO 1.5mt + 0.5 MDO abt
Boiler in port IFO 1.0 - 1.3 mt per day

The speed of this vessel is always to be considered as average speed in
fully laden condition and good weather conditions which are defined as no
adverse current, no negative influence of swell, moderate sea, wind no
exceeding BF 4 A/O DOUGLAS SEA STATE 3, with clean bottom.

Bunkers specifications to be in accordance with

IFO 380 CST RMG380 ISO 8217 2005
MDO: DMB ISO 8217 2005

No mixing of different IFO supplies.

Vessel consumes MDO for Gens and Main Engine in confined/ narrow
waters-channels, canals, when sailing in bad weather/rough sea or below 10
Knots, entering leaving ports and in general restricted to navigation/
maneuvering area with or without pilots, to master's discretion, as well
as, for starting and stopping generators and boiler.

Owners contracted company for bunkers quantity and quality control: DNV PS
H+M Value USD 36.000.000
H+M Insurer Lloyds Underwriters and Norwegian Underwriters
Vessels classification society: CLASS NKK
All details / Information given in good faith about

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